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Music Reviews and Musings


This site is dedicated to the transcendent power of words and intended to celebrate some of those words which cross my path that ever inspire me to write myself. It will include (hopefully) regular reviews of works that are inspiring me--primarily but (again hopefully) not exclusively music albums. It also might begin to include some of my own scribblings.


This is more just a passion project I've been putting off for too long, and I have no delusion about how interesting my thoughts will be to anyone who might stumble upon this, but if you get something out of it, great! There are just times I feel like I have a lot to say about how moved I am by someone's art, and this will help me to vent it. Also, it makes me feel good to celebrate those, often under appreciated, creators. In other words, keep checking back if you'd like!

I had to fill this space with something, so here's a clip art of an ostrich head that is, objectively, kind of sick.

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